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26 07, 2012

New SIODROID version: 1.0 r51

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Whats new in SIODROID 1.0 r51 (Published Jul 26, 2012)

  • We solved problems with maintenance. In the maintenance master / detail could not change some elements.
  • Adjustments to the search screen and tickets for screens smaller than 5″
Download 1.0 r51 version from this link:

Novedades SIODROID 1.0 r51 (Publicada 26 Jul 2012)

  • Soluciona problema con los mantenimientos maestro/detalle. Algunos elementos no se podían modificar.
  • Ajustes en la pantalla de búsqueda de artículos y tickets para pantallas de menos de 5″
Descargar la versión 1.0 r51 desde el siguiente enlace:
19 07, 2012

New SIODROID version: 1.0 r50

By |2012-07-19T16:25:05+02:00July 19th, 2012|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.0 r50 (Published Jul 19, 2012)

  • POS Support CASIO VX-100.
  • Barcode reader bluetooth device implemented.
  • Improved Bluetooth device configuration.
  • Completed the translation into Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Dutch.
  • Mechanism of off-line installation (without internet connection).
  • Improved management of product images and families.
  • Correction of erroneous literal statistical lists.
  • Fixed problem with split tickets.
  • Iteration is complete with SIOGES / server.
  • Create new tickets with a single click.
  • New icon to create tickets.
  • Ticket printing in a different language selected for the program.
  • Fixed problem with some cash. Straighten line appeared not entered.
  • Improved performance casing part.
  • Fixed bug in the preview tickets.
  • Current taxes in the region Spain.
  • Operation Jelly Bean.
  • Search for tickets from the flat screen
  • Import / Export Family, Articles and Rates (Excel)
  • DROPBOX backups (licensed version).
  • Option to change DROPBOX user (licensed version).
  • Backup to SD card (licensed version).
  • Fixed problem with restarting the program after recovery from a backup.
  • New screen accepting user license to run the program for the first time.
  • Improved sales performance screen when a product or family has no associated image.
  • Now the program works in full screen.
Download 1.0 version from this link:

Please, update repositories from this link: if you want an offline installation. For more information check this link:

Novedades SIODROID 1.0 r50 (Publicada 19 […]

8 07, 2012

Running SIODROID without internet connection

By |2012-07-08T20:38:51+02:00July 8th, 2012|Configuration, SIODROID|

Once SIODROID is installed, on first run, it needs to connect internet to downloading some configuration files.

Now is possible to avoid internet connection creating a directory on sdcard root named siodroid.

Files for SIODROID offline installation

Decompress zip file over siodroid directory created on sdcard before install SIODROID application.

On first run, application will load files from sdcard.