New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.0.0 r95

By |2012-11-05T19:45:40+02:00November 5th, 2012|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.0.0 r95 (Published Nov 5, 2012)

  • New option for searching Customers and Suppliers.
  • Solved problem with statistics calculation.
  • Solved problem with calculation on Daily Taxes Report.
  • Solved some problems on translations to several languages.
  • Better performance on Receipt’s header.
  • Problem Solved with Permanent Price Change on sales screen.
  • Fixed sales line on Item’s selection for small devices.
  • Decimal point fixed depending on language settings.
  • Printing receipts on Cash movements.
  • Numerical keypad is displayed on numerical fields.
  • On Daily Cash Report, now you can enter the amounts on Cash Drawer like on SIOGES.
  • Solved a problem with Item’s Families when they have an assigned color.
  • All peripherals have their correct name in each language.
  • When editing files on grid mode, now the focus is positioned on the first editable field.
  • Solved a problem with Favorites Items, sometimes it disappeared some Item’s images.
  • Translation finished on all languages for Tender methods.
  • Cambiar Quantité por Prix. On Price change procedure, we have changed Quantity by Price.
  • Countries names are translated on all languages.
  • New default Tender methods for France: CHEQUE and TICKET RESTAURANT.
  • Modified the entry method on Numerical keypad.
  • New Tender type: CHEQUE.
  • Solved problem with strange characters on Customer Display.
  • User’s permission: Now there is SCROLL indication helping the user to see that there are more elements.
  • New Peripherals available:
    • Cash […]