2 12, 2016

New SIODROID version: 3.1.0 r1300

By |2016-12-02T14:19:45+02:00December 2nd, 2016|New Version, SIODROID|

What’s new in SIODROID 3.1.0 r1300 (Published Dec 1, 2016)

  • Solved several detected bugs.
  • All internal libraries have been updated to latest versions.
  • Added compatibility with Android 7.1.1.
  • The software has Android N as Target SDK.
  • Compatibility with CITAQ V8 Terminal.
  • Improved the customization on ROYAL version.
  • Added new texts and translations.
  • Added new languages:
    • Japanese.
    • Peruvian Spanish.
  • Added new regions:
    • Germany.
    • Japan.
    • Morocco.
    • Peru.
  • Updated all graphic logo resources:
    • Languages.
    • Regions.
    • Currencies.
    • Payment Methods.
    • Users.
  • Added data export procedures for German fiscal law GDPdU.
  • Added Fiscal Configuration details for Peru and printing formats.
  • Added a new process to upgrade licenses:
    • From ONE & CASHR to PRO.
    • From PRO to SERVER.
  • When setting up a SERVER version, now the system auto-starts the SERVER service.
  • When we are using a software license with expiration date, it’s possible to download template DEMOS at any time.
  • Now every time you launch a Beta version, it shows on screen the expiration date.
  • Added Stock control:
    • On standalone PRO and SERVER versions we have added the access to DOCUMENTS menu on Main Screen. This allows Stock management like on SIOGES.
    • Added a mark on Sales Screen, over Items below […]
20 05, 2016

New SIODROID version: 3.0.0 r1073

By |2016-05-20T13:05:57+02:00May 20th, 2016|New Version, SIODROID|

What’s new in SIODROID 3.0.0 r1073 (Published May 20, 2016)

  • New option to select between Normal and Big, the size of keypad on Sales Screen. It is only available on devices larger than 8”.
  • New Main Menu.
  • Better font size adjustment on Item’s buttons, for all screen sizes.
  • Enhanced compatibility with Android PDA:
  • Solved a problem on Group Taxes type calculation, when they were in combination with discounts.
  • New parameter to show or hide as default the Keypad on Sales Screen.
  • Solved a problem on terminals smaller than 8”. On initial configuration, when creating the price levels, the first set tax was automatically fixed for each price level.
Download 3.0.0 r1073 version for Android from this link:

Novedades SIODROID 3.0.0 r1073 (Publicada 20 Mayo 2016)

  • Nueva opción para seleccionar el tamaño de las teclas de la botonera en la pantalla de venta. Esta opción está disponible únicamente para dispositivos con pantallas mayores de 8 pulgadas.
  • Nuevo diseño del menú principal.
  • Mejoras en el ajuste del tamaño del texto de los botones de productos en la pantalla de venta.
  • Mejora de la compatbilidad con la PDA Android:
  • Solucionado problema con el cálculo de […]
3 05, 2016

New SIODROID version: 3.0.0 r1050

By |2016-05-03T16:02:54+02:00May 3rd, 2016|New Version, SIODROID|

What’s new in SIODROID 3.0.0 r1050 (Published Apr 29, 2016)

  • Every SIODROID license includes an updates service, which is free for one year after its first installation. It is optional to contract a yearly updates service.
    All licenses on monthly subscription payment, includes the updates service.
  • New regions:
    • Saudi Arabia.
  • New & improved languages:
    • Arabic.
    • German.
  • Improved the receipt printing on non-latin languages (Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew).
  • Enhanced compatibility with several Android POS terminals:
    • CLOVER-6800.
    • SAM4s.
    • Poslab.
    • CITAQ.
  • Certified with Belgian FOD (fiscal device).
  • New control for Users: Enter / Exit, First / Last sale in the day.
  • More modern overall image.
  • New information Insert / Edit system.
  • New color schemes for product buttons.
  • New Z report printing system with automated closing at a fixed […]
28 05, 2014

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 2.2.0 r488

By |2014-05-28T13:06:53+02:00May 28th, 2014|New Version, SIODROID|

What’s new in SIODROID 2.2.0 r488 (Published May 28, 2014)

  • New language:
    • Hebrew
  • New regions:
    • Australia
    • Israel
    • New Zealand
    • Norway
    • Singapore
    • Switzerland
    • United States
  • The application detects the Operating System region and set it automatically as the first option on region selection screen. The rest of regions are shown sorted alphabetically
  • New devices:
    • TRANSAX payment gateway on BLUETOOTH Miura devices
    • Interface with Vending Machines
  • On direct sales model, now it’s possible to enter receipts on tables directly on sales screen
  • On direct sales model, now it’s possible to recover parked receipts on tables directly on sales screen
  • New compatible terminals:
    • ION Edge from POS-X
    • NEBUPOS from EBN
  • Improvements on link with SIOGES/SERVER & SIODROID/SERVER. Better synchronization capabilities
  • New Z Report, including more complete and comprehensive information such as:
    • Users sales and corrections detailed information
    • Cash movements
  • Z Report export to PDF file
  • Z Report sent by e-mail
  • Integration of gratuities management on manual and automatic mode
  • Improved Modifiers management on Android 2.3 based terminals
  • After tendering a receipt a Window with the total amount remains on screen for 45 seconds or until the next operation is started
  • On models different than Hospitality, when tendering a receipt, the application remains on sales screen in order to start the next receipt immediately
  • On less than 8” terminals, when entering on sales screen, it is shown by default the products selection screen
  • On […]
28 02, 2014

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 2.0.0 r401

By |2014-02-28T19:32:10+02:00February 28th, 2014|New Version, SIODROID|

What’s new in SIODROID 2.0.0 r401 (Published Feb 28, 2014)

  • Added Portuguese language
  • Added Brazilian language
  • Added Norwegian language
  • Added interface with TRANSAX payment gateway
  • New licenses control model
  • Updated Dropbox link
  • Improvements on Cash Declaration process
  • Bluetooth printing improvements
  • Added email sending on Daily Cash Report
  • Added email sending on Z Report
  • Improved overall performance
  • SIODROID/server has been released fully working
  • Better SIOGES/server link
  • Improved translations
  • Android 4.4 compatibility
  • Improved program startup without internet connection
Download 2.0.0 r401 version for Android from this link:

Novedades SIODROID 2.0.0 r401 (Publicada 28 Feb 2014)

  • Nuevo idioma Portugués
  • Nuevo idioma Brasiseño
  • Nuevo idioma Noruego
  • Pasarela de pago TRANSAX
  • Nuevo modelo de licencias
  • Actualización enlace dropbox
  • Mejoras en el arqueo ciego
  • Mejoras en las impresiones bluetooth
  • Envío parte de caja por e-mail
  • Envío Z por e-mail
  • Mejoras de rendimiento
  • SIODROID/server completamente operativo
  • Mejoras en el enlace con SIOGES/server
  • Mejoras en las traducciones
  • Compatibilidad Android 4.4
  • Mejoras en el arranque del programa sin conexión a internet
Descargar versión 2.0.0 r401 para Android desde este enlace:
4 11, 2013

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.3.0 r312

By |2013-11-04T17:07:30+02:00November 4th, 2013|New Version, SIODROID|

What’s new in SIODROID 1.3.0 r312 (Published Oct 31, 2013)

  • New user permission: To allow or not modifying the entered receipt lines
  • New Item’s property, to allow or not selling them without stock
  • New statistic: Cancelled Receipts
  • New statistic: Receipt cancelled lines
  • Printing of Daily Cash Report at Server’s receipt printer, when in a Network with SIOGES/server or SIODROID/server
  • Printing of Z Report at Server’s receipt printer, when in a Network with SIOGES/server or SIODROID/server
  • When printing receipts at Server’s receipt printer, when in a Network with SIOGES/server or SIODROID/server, now is printing on the set terminal’s language
  • Added internal process to Import / Export data with other applications
  • New barcode type on coupons printing: CODE39
  • Printing of Gift Receipts on local receipt printer and on Server’s receipt printer, when in a Network with SIOGES/server or SIODROID/server
  • Barcode printing on gift receipts
  • IN STORE MARKING barcode reading:
    • Barcodes containing the item number and the price or weight
  • Better management of USB peripherals
  • Visual changes on the application
  • Changed some adjustments for better compatibility with Android 4.3
  • Solved a problem with Split Bill function
  • New Devices:
    • 7” LCD SAM4S Customer Display SERIAL & USB
    • USB peripherals with SERIAL emulation
  • Better management of communication errors with SIOGES/server & SIODROID/server
  • New Access to language change on Android’s context MENU button
  • Solved problems when sharing COUPONS […]
2 10, 2013

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.2.0 r278

By |2013-10-02T00:18:10+02:00October 2nd, 2013|New Version, SIODROID|

What’s new in SIODROID 1.2.0 r278 (Published Oct 2, 2013)

  • Overall performance improved
  • Implemented User permissions
  • Implemented Compulsory table number entry
  • Implemented Compulsory User identification
  • Implemented User change on sales screen
  • Improved communications with SIOGES/server
  • Implemented USB peripherals:
    • Cash Drawers connected to USB Printers
    • USB Customer Displays (Serial Emulation)
  • New USB-SERIAL converters supported:
    • FT232R
    • CDC/ACM serial devices
    • CP2102
  • New Support to USB Print Servers with RAW & LPR interface
  • New Android POS terminals supported:
    • Poslab ECOPLUS A9
    • Poslab DYNAMIC A9
    • SAM4S SAP4000
  • Improvement on ACLAS AO1X 7″ & ACLAS AO4X 10″ Android terminals
  • Improvement on printing formats
  • Improvement on Taxes & Discounts calculation
  • Added Compatibility with Android 4.3 OS
  • Improved management with Database storing on external devices (SD CARD)
  • Now is possible to change the number of product lines & columns on sales screen
  • New support for Chinese Simplified receipt printing (on some printer brands)
  • Better performance & use on Multi-core CPU systems
  • When in a Network with SIOGES/server, Daily Cash Reports & Cash movements are printed on SIOGES/server
  • DROPBOX libraries have been updated
  • Better image management on Families & Products edition
  • Better management of multiple screen resolutions
  • Adapted to screens larger than 20”
  • New animation to indicate that there are background processes, who make impossible to tap on the screen:
    • On initial Screen
    • On Floorplan when opening it, when parking a receipt & when recovering suspend mode
    • On new Receipt creation
    • When Restoring […]
25 06, 2013

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.1.0 r210

By |2013-06-25T10:24:08+02:00June 25th, 2013|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.1.0 r210 (Published Jun 25, 2013)

  • Improved overall performance
  • Improved stability of the application
  • Improved visual aspects of the application
  • Changed the display and scroll System on Sales Screen Item’s products
  • SIODROID now Works on full screen mode
  • Better compatibility with Android 2.2
  • The application works correctly on Android 4.2
  • Access to context Menu by Clicking on SIODROID logo
  • Better management of Bluetooth devices. Compatible with Bluetooth versions 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 & 4.0
  • License number can be found at ABOUT screen
  • New printing formats
  • Now you can print graphic logos stored on printer’s memory
  • Now you can enter any free text on Receipt Header message
  • Now you can enter any free text on Receipt Trailer message
  • New language selector
  • Added Portuguese and USA English languages
  • Added region New Zealand
  • Added region Australia
  • Added region USA
  • Added region Mexico
  • Added region OTHER (generic)
  • New currency System, with decimal and visual format control, suitable for any country
  • New Tax System with multiple levels. Suitable for any country
  • Taxes are linked to Price Levels
  • The Price Level can handle VAT Tax or Add On Tax
  • Taxes can be assigned to customers
  • On business models different than Hospitality, when going into sales screen the next receipt is started automatically
  • Now on sales screen you can select any currency for the payment
  • On login’s screen, when entering the password […]
12 02, 2013

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.0.0 r131

By |2013-02-12T23:39:31+02:00February 12th, 2013|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.0.0 r131 (Published Feb 12, 2013)

  • On login screen, now it will suggest to select the last selected User.
  • The synchronization process with SIOGES/server has been improved.
  • The parameter for printing the Time or not on the receipt now is active.
  • Implemented payment through Credit Card with CCV Systems (for Holland).
  • Solved a problem when selling Bundle or Menu Items.
  • Solved a problem when selecting a color as image of a Family/Item.
  • Solved a problem when assigning a number to each receipt line.
Download 1.0.0 r131 version from this link:

Novedades SIODROID 1.0.0 r131 (Publicada 12 Feb 2013)

  • La pantalla de login recuerda el último usuario seleccionado.
  • Mejoras en la sincronización con SIOGES/server
  • Activación del parámetro Impresión de la hora en el ticket
  • Implementación TIMEOUT en la operación con puertos serie
  • Enlace con pasarela de pago CCV (Holanda)
  • Solución problema con la entrada de packs y menús en el ticket de venta
  • Soluciona problema al seleccionar un color como imagen de la familia / artículo
  • Soluciona problema con la renumeración de líneas de ticket
Descargar la versión 1.0.0 r131 desde el siguiente link:
20 12, 2012

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.0.0 r116

By |2012-12-20T19:10:53+02:00December 20th, 2012|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.0.0 r116 (Published Dec 20, 2012)

  • Solved a problem with Sales per Family Statistics.
  • Sales per Item Statistic now is sorted by Item Name.
  • Solved a problem with Fiscal Reports.
  • Classifications Report now is sorted by Classification.
  • Solved a problema on Daily Taxes Report.
  • Activation of search filters on Advanced Price Change procedure.
  • Solved a problem when using Price List duplication process.
  • Activation of all parameters configuration on Serial port Peripherals.
  • Change on buttons for Sales screen.
  • Compatibility with new Peripherals and devices.
  • Improvement on translations to different languages.
  • New images on Catalog for Bakeries.
  • Performance improved on Sales Screen.
  • Now is possible to setup how many Items we want to display on Sales Screen.
  • Change on Reports Distribution.
Download 1.0.0 r116 version from this link:

Novedades SIODROID 1.0.0 r116 (Publicada 20 Dic 2012)

  • En la estadística de ventas por familia, corregir los cálculos.
  • Ventas por Artículo: Ordenación por nombre de producto.
  • Ventas Fiscales: La cuota sale siempre 0 y en la Base sale el total con IVA incluido.
  • Clasificaciones: Ordenación por clasificación.
  • Impuestos/Día: Corrección de errores.
  • Activación del filtro de búsqueda en la gestión avanzada de tarifas.
  • Solucionado problema con duplicación de tarifas.
  • Activación de los parámetros de paridad, bits y bits de parada en los dispositivos serie.
  • Nueva botonera de venta.
  • Compatibilidad con nuevos dispositivos.
  • Mejoras en las traducciones.
  • Nuevas […]