25 06, 2013

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.1.0 r210

By |2013-06-25T10:24:08+02:00June 25th, 2013|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.1.0 r210 (Published Jun 25, 2013)

  • Improved overall performance
  • Improved stability of the application
  • Improved visual aspects of the application
  • Changed the display and scroll System on Sales Screen Item’s products
  • SIODROID now Works on full screen mode
  • Better compatibility with Android 2.2
  • The application works correctly on Android 4.2
  • Access to context Menu by Clicking on SIODROID logo
  • Better management of Bluetooth devices. Compatible with Bluetooth versions 2.0, 2.1, 3.0 & 4.0
  • License number can be found at ABOUT screen
  • New printing formats
  • Now you can print graphic logos stored on printer’s memory
  • Now you can enter any free text on Receipt Header message
  • Now you can enter any free text on Receipt Trailer message
  • New language selector
  • Added Portuguese and USA English languages
  • Added region New Zealand
  • Added region Australia
  • Added region USA
  • Added region Mexico
  • Added region OTHER (generic)
  • New currency System, with decimal and visual format control, suitable for any country
  • New Tax System with multiple levels. Suitable for any country
  • Taxes are linked to Price Levels
  • The Price Level can handle VAT Tax or Add On Tax
  • Taxes can be assigned to customers
  • On business models different than Hospitality, when going into sales screen the next receipt is started automatically
  • Now on sales screen you can select any currency for the payment
  • On login’s screen, when entering the password […]
13 02, 2013

New SIOGES version: 2.6 r378

By |2013-02-13T00:26:17+02:00February 13th, 2013|New Version, SIOGES|

Whats new in SIOGES 2.6 r378 (Published Feb 12, 2013)

  • Improvements to SIODROID interface.
  • Adjustment to France region terminals.
  • Resolution of various faults.
Download 2.6 r378 version from this link: http://goo.gl/EpZ5l
Download 2.6 r378 SERVER version from this link: http://goo.gl/NWnY7

Novedades SIOGES 2.6 r378 (Publicada 12 Feb 2013)

  • Mejoras en el enlace con SIODROID.
  • Adaptación a terminales con región Francia.
  • Resolución de diversos fallos.
Descargar la versión 2.6 r378 desde el siguiente enlace: http://goo.gl/EpZ5l
Descargar la versión 2.6 r378 SERVER desde el siguiente enlace: http://goo.gl/NWnY7
12 02, 2013

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.0.0 r131

By |2013-02-12T23:39:31+02:00February 12th, 2013|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.0.0 r131 (Published Feb 12, 2013)

  • On login screen, now it will suggest to select the last selected User.
  • The synchronization process with SIOGES/server has been improved.
  • The parameter for printing the Time or not on the receipt now is active.
  • Implemented payment through Credit Card with CCV Systems (for Holland).
  • Solved a problem when selling Bundle or Menu Items.
  • Solved a problem when selecting a color as image of a Family/Item.
  • Solved a problem when assigning a number to each receipt line.
Download 1.0.0 r131 version from this link: http://goo.gl/Dyift

Novedades SIODROID 1.0.0 r131 (Publicada 12 Feb 2013)

  • La pantalla de login recuerda el último usuario seleccionado.
  • Mejoras en la sincronización con SIOGES/server
  • Activación del parámetro Impresión de la hora en el ticket
  • Implementación TIMEOUT en la operación con puertos serie
  • Enlace con pasarela de pago CCV (Holanda)
  • Solución problema con la entrada de packs y menús en el ticket de venta
  • Soluciona problema al seleccionar un color como imagen de la familia / artículo
  • Soluciona problema con la renumeración de líneas de ticket
Descargar la versión 1.0.0 r131 desde el siguiente link: http://goo.gl/Dyift
20 12, 2012

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.0.0 r116

By |2012-12-20T19:10:53+02:00December 20th, 2012|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.0.0 r116 (Published Dec 20, 2012)

  • Solved a problem with Sales per Family Statistics.
  • Sales per Item Statistic now is sorted by Item Name.
  • Solved a problem with Fiscal Reports.
  • Classifications Report now is sorted by Classification.
  • Solved a problema on Daily Taxes Report.
  • Activation of search filters on Advanced Price Change procedure.
  • Solved a problem when using Price List duplication process.
  • Activation of all parameters configuration on Serial port Peripherals.
  • Change on buttons for Sales screen.
  • Compatibility with new Peripherals and devices.
  • Improvement on translations to different languages.
  • New images on Catalog for Bakeries.
  • Performance improved on Sales Screen.
  • Now is possible to setup how many Items we want to display on Sales Screen.
  • Change on Reports Distribution.
Download 1.0.0 r116 version from this link: http://goo.gl/tzJUD

Novedades SIODROID 1.0.0 r116 (Publicada 20 Dic 2012)

  • En la estadística de ventas por familia, corregir los cálculos.
  • Ventas por Artículo: Ordenación por nombre de producto.
  • Ventas Fiscales: La cuota sale siempre 0 y en la Base sale el total con IVA incluido.
  • Clasificaciones: Ordenación por clasificación.
  • Impuestos/Día: Corrección de errores.
  • Activación del filtro de búsqueda en la gestión avanzada de tarifas.
  • Solucionado problema con duplicación de tarifas.
  • Activación de los parámetros de paridad, bits y bits de parada en los dispositivos serie.
  • Nueva botonera de venta.
  • Compatibilidad con nuevos dispositivos.
  • Mejoras en las traducciones.
  • Nuevas […]
20 12, 2012

New SIOGES version: 2.6 r369

By |2012-12-20T18:26:03+02:00December 20th, 2012|New Version, SIOGES|

Whats new in SIOGES 2.6 r369 (Published Dec 20, 2012)

  • Improvement on translation to different languages.
  • New images on catalog for Bakeries.
  • Improved general performance of the application.
  • Solved problems with memory management.
  • Solved a problem with automatic sale Item related to Covers when they have compulsory Supplements or Modifiers.
  • Solved a problem with automatic sale Item related to Covers when opening a new table on floorplan.
  • Improved all process of updating to new versions.
  • New texts on screen when running the application.
  • Change on Reports distribution.
Download 2.6 r369 version from this link: http://goo.gl/zq5B1
Download 2.6 r369 SERVER version from this link: http://goo.gl/XdYL7

Novedades SIOGES 2.6 r369 (Publicada 20 Dic 2012)

  • Mejora en los idiomas.
  • Nuevas imágenes de Bollería y Panadería en el catálogo de imágenes.
  • Mejora en el rendimiento general del programa.
  • Corrección de pérdidas de memoria.
  • Solucionado problema con artículos x comensal cuando tienen suplementos o modificadores forzados.
  • Solucionado problema con la creación automática de artículos x comensal al crear un ticket desde el plano.
  • Mejoras en el rendimiento del proceso de actualización de versión.
  • Nuevos textos al iniciar la versión.
  • Cambio en la distribución de los informes.
Descargar la versión 2.6 r369 desde el siguiente enlace: http://goo.gl/zq5B1
Descargar la versión 2.6 r369 SERVER desde el siguiente enlace: http://goo.gl/XdYL7
5 11, 2012

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.0.0 r95

By |2012-11-05T19:45:40+02:00November 5th, 2012|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.0.0 r95 (Published Nov 5, 2012)

  • New option for searching Customers and Suppliers.
  • Solved problem with statistics calculation.
  • Solved problem with calculation on Daily Taxes Report.
  • Solved some problems on translations to several languages.
  • Better performance on Receipt’s header.
  • Problem Solved with Permanent Price Change on sales screen.
  • Fixed sales line on Item’s selection for small devices.
  • Decimal point fixed depending on language settings.
  • Printing receipts on Cash movements.
  • Numerical keypad is displayed on numerical fields.
  • On Daily Cash Report, now you can enter the amounts on Cash Drawer like on SIOGES.
  • Solved a problem with Item’s Families when they have an assigned color.
  • All peripherals have their correct name in each language.
  • When editing files on grid mode, now the focus is positioned on the first editable field.
  • Solved a problem with Favorites Items, sometimes it disappeared some Item’s images.
  • Translation finished on all languages for Tender methods.
  • Cambiar Quantité por Prix. On Price change procedure, we have changed Quantity by Price.
  • Countries names are translated on all languages.
  • New default Tender methods for France: CHEQUE and TICKET RESTAURANT.
  • Modified the entry method on Numerical keypad.
  • New Tender type: CHEQUE.
  • Solved problem with strange characters on Customer Display.
  • User’s permission: Now there is SCROLL indication helping the user to see that there are more elements.
  • New Peripherals available:
    • Cash […]
17 10, 2012

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.0.0 r85

By |2012-10-17T10:43:02+02:00October 17th, 2012|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.0.0 r85 (Published Oct 17, 2012)

  • Solved problem with software rebooting.
  • Improved the printing system when more than one printer is assigned to same port.
  • Graphic logo is sent to printer only once. To send it again, you must enter on Company Data Setup or Reboot the application.
  • Added Printing Receipt sample on Company Data Setup.
  • New format for action buttons on Android 4.0 or higher.
  • Solved problem with action buttons which suddenly disappear.
  • New size on Action Buttons.
  • New option on Item’s setup, in order to sort the Families and Items on sales screen.
  • On sales screen the Families and Items appear sorted as we have done on Setup.
  • New option for Loading on Cache memory the Item’s and Families images, having a faster screen refresh.
  • Solved problem with customer’s debts management.
  • Implemented split payment by amount on payment screen.
  • Now on sales screen, we have added a button to expand the Families list, in order to have a faster search.
  • Improved the Families list on small screen size devices.
  • On Peripherals setup, only will be shown the available ones.
  • Improved family dropdown in small terminals.
  • 100% operational training mode.
  • PDA mode forced vertical. Tablet mode forced landscape.
  • User password forced to numeric.
  • In the introduction of packs, the gap between families is automatic.
  • Move […]
4 10, 2012

New SIOGES version: 2.6 r357

By |2012-10-04T11:09:35+02:00October 4th, 2012|New Version, SIOGES|

Whats new in SIOGES 2.6 r357 (Published Oct 4, 2012)

  • SIOGES version certified to work with CCV payment terminals in Belgium and Holland.
Download 2.6 r357 version from this link: http://goo.gl/51y5J
Download 2.6 r357 SERVER version from this link: http://goo.gl/FzIjh

Novedades SIOGES 2.6 r357 (Publicada 4 Oct 2012)

  • Versión de SIOGES homologada para funcionar con terminales de pago CCV en Bélgica y Holanda.
Descargar la versión 2.6 r357 desde el siguiente enlace: http://goo.gl/51y5J
Descargar la versión 2.6 r357 SERVER desde el siguiente enlace: http://goo.gl/FzIjh
1 10, 2012

New SIODROID (Android pos) version: 1.0.0 r71

By |2012-10-01T16:29:32+02:00October 1st, 2012|New Version, SIODROID|

Whats new in SIODROID 1.0.0 r71 (Published Oct 1, 2012)

  • RECEIPT self-storing when leaving sales screen by pressing HOME button.
  • New memory management model.
  • Activation of EFT Terminal payment.
  • Better management of Serial Ports.
  • Solved problem with Serial Interface Printers (code page)
  • Solved problem when downloading demo databases, with automatic Item sales.
  • Now on Pro-forma, is printed the Terminal number.
  • Now on Receipts, the time is printed in short format HH:MM.
  • ENTER key is active now during the sales.
  • Speed improvement on Quick Tender function.
  • Backlight activation on CASIO VX100 customer display.
  • Improved speed during the payment (stored on cache).
  • Solved problem on receipts line consolidation.
  • Configuration values now are also saved on cache.
  • Improved speed on payment screen (Receipt pre-visualization).
  • Items on sales screen are saved on cache memory (faster process).
  • New parameter: Activation or not of Item’s images on sales screen.
  • New parameter: Activation or not of Item’s images on receipt preview (sales screen).
  • On sales screen’s sales lines, the Green vertical line which indicates that an Item has a Kitchen Message, has been changed by another narrower blue line.
  • Now is possible to assign colors to item’s buttons on sales screen.
  • Better improvement on User permissions management.
  • When deleting an Item’s image, they are also deleted on sales screen.
  • New buttons format on sales screen:
    • Texts two points larger.
    • Centered texts […]